Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow.

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“Give, and it shall be given to you. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.”

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  1. tastefullyoffensive:

A Statistical Analysis of Bob Ross’ Paintings [fivethirtyeight/via]


    A Statistical Analysis of Bob Ross’ Paintings [fivethirtyeight/via]

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    proper way to eat pizza

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classic luigi though

    classic luigi though

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  9. chizuu:

    i think a lot about the fact that castiel always saw meg’s true face

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  12. jynnne:

I was sitting on sea ice when I heard a little peep over my shoulder.


    I was sitting on sea ice when I heard a little peep over my shoulder.

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  14. partybarackisinthehousetonight:

    fun prank idea: go to starbucks and tell the cashier your name is “Dad.” then when the barista starts calling “Dad??” “DAD?” “DAD” you can hide behind the crowd of people and watch as he begins to cry. why did his father leave him

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  16. Straight White Boy Problem #116


    coach yelled at us at halftime. if we dont come back in the second half hes going to make us run laps on monday. last time he made us run, we had to run for 2 and a half hours and tyler threw up

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True love.
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  20. fangirling-and-lovin-it:

    Holy crap

    That’s actually accurate…

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    if you’re upset, think about how it’d feel to have dean hug you

    i mean he always hugs like it’s the last time. he’d hook his arms under yours and pull you to him tightly, pressing his lips to your shoulder and digging his fingers into your back

    and he’d…

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  24. little-fighter:


    Jacque Fresco, from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

    I got in trouble for not saying the pledge of allegiance in the 4th grade. I wish I could have been as eloquent with my reasoning as Fresco. I believe I said something like “George Bush is a butthead”. 

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  26. nprradiopictures:


    Cody Cobb

    That last one feels particularly on point with weather in D.C. today. -Emily

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  28. teendotcom:

Quiz: Which Spice Girl is Your Alter Ego?
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